What to do if Police Ask You to Come to the Station?

One of the most frequent questions our New York and Westchester County criminal defense lawyers field is: what is the proper response when the police telephone you and ask you to come to the station to “Answer A Few Questions?”

As a general rule of thumb, our criminal defense attorneys in White Plains will tell you that it’s almost always a bad idea to answer police officer’s questions at a station without an attorney present.

This is generally true because any statements you make to the police can be used against you at trial, and will frequently be recorded.

At the Law Offices of Stewart McMillan, most of our clients are unaware that police can legally trick you or even lie to you, to get you to make admissions.

Typically, the way this works is, the police will tell suspects that they are not the “focus” of an investigation (when, in fact, they are) or that they are free to leave just as soon as they make a statement (when the police have no intention whatsoever of letting you go).

Typically, police will get you to alter your story somewhat to make it fit their theory of the crime, and to make it easier for them to charge you.

Accordingly, if you are asked by police to come to answer questions at the station – be on guard.

You should call an experienced New York criminal defense attorney immediately.

Our White Plains, New York City and Stamford criminal defense attorneys have over 25 years’ experience dealing with the police interrogations in situations exactly like those referenced above.

Accordingly, if you or someone you know has been accused of a crime, do not hesitate to contact our New York and Westchester criminal defense lawyers immediately. The call is free, and our attorneys are standing by 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

Client Reviews
I was arrested and charged with drunk driving in New Rochelle after a traffic accident. Mr. McMillan worked tirelessly on my behalf and ultimately got the charges dismissed following a jury trial. I would recommend him to anyone. Bob, former client
My son was charged with drug sale following an incident which took place at school. Mr. McMillan was professional every step of the way and worked to ensure a good outcome. We are thankful for his efforts. Pam
I was convicted after jury trial in Supreme Court (for a crime I didn’t commit). Mr. McMillan worked tirelessly to make sure my conviction (and sentence) were overturned on appeal. I can’t thank him enough. George, former client