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DWI DDP (Or Drinking Driver Program)

What is the DDP?

The Drinking Driver Program (or DDP) is an 8-week, $225 course which the court orders every eligible person to take at the time of their sentence for DWI.

Do I Have to Take the DDP?

Our Manhattan and White Plains DWI lawyers tell our clients that, while the DDP is not mandatory, the reality is, that if you want a post-conviction conditional driver’s license, to get to or from work, medical, or school, you must take the DDP.

Is Everyone Convicted of DWI Eligible for the DDP?

The main reason for taking the DDP is so that the convicted driver can get his driving privileges back as soon as possible.

However, our Manhattan and Westchester County DWI lawyers will counsel you that not everyone convicted of DWI in New York State is eligible for the DDP. You are not eligible for the DDP if you have taken the DDP within five years, or if you have been convicted of another DWI within five years of this one.

What is the Benefit of Taking the DDP?

If you take the DDP, you will be entitled to a post-conviction conditional driver’s license.

In addition, anyone who takes the DDP is eligible for the restoration of their full driving privileges before the expiration of the revocation.

So, for example, if you are sentenced to a six-month driver’s license revocation, as a first offender, the DMV can, if it elects to do so, lessen your revocation to two months for taking the DDP course.

What Can Happen if I Refuse to Take the DDP?

If you apply for a post-conviction conditional license (and it is granted), it may be taken away thereafter by the DMV for your failure to take and complete the DDP course.

Moreover, the DMV can, in some instances, force you to take the DDP before it will restore your full driving privileges.

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