New York State Point System

New York Uniform Traffic Violations

New York State utilizes a point system for purposes of determining if an individual motorist's license or privileges to operate a motor vehicle should be either suspended or revoked. If a person is convicted of three speeding related offenses within an 18 month period, or, in the alternative, is convicted of other vehicle and traffic law crimes which total 11 points, that person's license or privileges to operate a motor vehicle within the State of New York will be suspended. The point system is as follows:

New York Uniform Traffic Ticket Violation Points
Speeding/unreasonable (for conditions)3
Speeding (MPH over the posted sign limit) 1-103
Speeding (MPH over the posted sign limit) 11-204
Speeding (MPH over the posted sign limit) 21-306
Speeding (MPH over the posted sign limit) 31-408
Speeding (MPH over the posted sign limit) over 4011
Reckless driving (six month suspension if convicted)5
Failing to stop for a school bus5
Following too closely (or tailgating)4
Inadequate brakes (applicable to commercial vehicles only)2
Failure to yield right of way3
Disobeying traffic control sign (i.e. stop sign, yield sign or traffic light)3
Railroad crossing3
Improper passing or lane change3
Leaving the scene of a property damage accident3
Leaving the scene of a personal injury accident5
      (Note: this offense is a misdemeanor in New York State punishable by up to six months in jail and a full revocation, not suspension, of operating privileges and a $600.00 fine)
Failure to wear seat belt (adult)0
Failure to properly restrain child3
      (Four or under in child seat, ten or under in back seat, 16 or under in front seat)
Any other NYS moving violation2
Disobeying a traffic control device or pavement markings2
Client Reviews
I was arrested and charged with drunk driving in New Rochelle after a traffic accident. Mr. McMillan worked tirelessly on my behalf and ultimately got the charges dismissed following a jury trial. I would recommend him to anyone. Bob, former client
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